An exclusive line of bedrooms where the brand has made an extreme effort not only in aesthetics but also in comfort and choice of materials. Options for all tastes and needs.


ROTTELLY is a meticulous collection consisting entirely of dining tables and chairs. Different designs in the most varied finishes, formats and dimensions. Options for all types of rooms and decor styles.

coleção vercelli 2022 de mobiliário de design e moderno


VERCELLI is a premium and distinguished collection that explores the best of materials and design made in Portugal, with special attention to detail and rigor. A line of exclusivity and excellence, which represents perfection in interior furniture.

coleção tepui 2022 de mobiliário moderno e luxuoso


TEPUI is a call to return to our origins, where we reach our best state. The charming details of these authentic designs can only be produced by true artisans, who transform complexity into passionate results.

coleção ellender


The ELLENDER collection is Evanyrouse’s biggest hit. This collection stands out for being the most complete, designed for the functionality and versatility of all spaces. A sophisticated and elegant segment, a versatile and timeless line.

coleção new york


The collection is inspired by the lightness, clarity and flexibility of the lines. It combines noble materials, tones, patterns and textures that embody attention to detail, functionality and sophistication.

coleção holf


HOLF has a set of dining rooms and living rooms. This collection stands out for its simplicity and sobriety, in perfect balance with the environment through a contemporary and minimalist design.

coleção vilker


The VILKER collection presents a sophisticated line of rooms inspired by cozy environments, with a touch of elegance in each piece. The design merges with features of functionality, sobriety and exuberance.

coleção guiller


GUILLER, one of the most challenging projects for the brand’s designers, aimed to create a collection of rooms with natural elements capable of providing cozy and relaxing environments.

coleção cartye


The contrast between contemporary design and the versatility of materials was CARTYE’s inspiration. A collection of exuberant rooms, designed to impress, through an exquisite work of modeling sophisticated materials and current trends.

coleção lips


LIPS is an elegant collection of rooms, designed to impress, where its curved lines give each space a touch of modernism and refinement.